Friday, May 6, 2011

haha 5.6.11

(7:11:38 PM) ivan: lonely island album
(7:11:40 PM) ivan: what the fuck
(7:11:48 PM) ivan: all of those guys died years ago
(7:11:55 PM) ivan: they're still releasing fag music?
(7:11:56 PM) ivan: damn
(7:12:15 PM) ivan: andy samberg gets too many chances
(7:12:29 PM) hue: i love it
(7:13:07 PM) hue: rap/hip hop tries to be all hard and serious. these guys put a good spin on it
(7:13:33 PM) ivan: andy samberg gets too many chances
(7:13:43 PM) ivan: cant have a good batting average
(7:13:46 PM) ivan: when you are a faggot
(7:13:50 PM) ivan: and half of your jokes aren't good
(7:13:59 PM) ivan: but
(7:14:07 PM) ivan: only because you open your mouth twice as much as you should
(7:14:10 PM) ivan: i.e. it's
(7:14:17 PM) ivan: Jet Li Unleashed
(7:14:18 PM) ivan: not
(7:14:34 PM) ivan: Jet Li, you can eat the whole bag of dogfood if noone stops you



Thursday, May 5, 2011

hmmm words eh....5.5.2011

I suppose I'll let this talker handle some of my recent absentness

We'll figure it out...motivation's a funny thing....a good thing to have when you can get it