Wednesday, February 16, 2011

First omegaloloftheday runner up of the day/ omegaloloftheday by defalt

Not only is this the first one of the day, it's the first one gevvvar.....

Stranger: greetings
You: you sell michigan flats?
You: or
You: just chips?
Stranger: what year is it where you are?
You: jus chip riiigh?
You: whoa
You: uh
You: dunno what day is t
You: uh
Stranger: not the day
Stranger: the year
You: lemme check calandarsh
Stranger: has Jesus made his 3rd resurrection?
You: october stardate 19888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888
You: 88888888
You: 88
You: 8
You: 8
You: .8
You: greetings
Stranger: is that before or after the reign of Randy Macho Man Savage?
You: I'm just Brendan Fraser
You: comin home from the 9050's
Stranger: nub
i lol'd.  :P


  1. !!!!!!!???? orly, I liked brendan fraser in kingdom of the diamond skull with those sweet crabs

    following and supporting, reliable

  2. turns out the runner up was the only one of the day so it is also by default the best one of the