Thursday, February 17, 2011

Runners up of the day

Stranger: hi
You: I rip it up to dubstep
You: Like a madcow
You: *wompwomwopwompwmmoopmwpomwpomwopmwopwomw*
You: /me do the madcow dance
You: rip that shit up
You: nasty
You: nasty
You: rip it nasty
You: whurr the hood whurr the hood whurr the hood @
You: so are you chillin or am I gonna fuckin go rip your mom up for some dinna?
You: dinna dash sssssson
You have disconnected.
Fuckin guy wouldn't finish typing....pig...Next victim...


You: freaked me out
You: lol
You: lol
You: looloolol
Stranger: ?
You: lololol
You: you freaked me out
You: lol
You: there
You: lol
Stranger: umm ok
You: lololol
Stranger: lol
You: lololol
You: you freaked me out there
You have disconnected.

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